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Surgical Partners of Beverly Hills Wellness & Aesthetic Center

Cocoona is a leading all-in-one clinic for plastic surgery solutions. Founded by Dr Sanjay Parashar, who is widely regarded as one of the best plastic surgeons in not just Dubai or UAE, but in the Middle East & Africa region, and India too, we aim to provide the best quality care in a safe, comfortable, and relaxed environment. A highly qualified and experienced team of doctors, therapists, nurses, patient counsellors, technicians, front desk, and customer service staff work together to provide you a world-class experience in pre- and post-surgery care. Utilizing ultra-advanced technologies, state-of-the-art facilities, and cutting-edge procedures. Contact Us for Appointment with Dr Sanjay Parashar Beverly Hills Wellness and Aesthetics is open from 10:00 am to 10:00pm and appointments can be made by calling 04-2452835 or emailing contactus@bhwaa.com

Travel Partners of Beverly Hills Wellness & Aesthetic Center

Luxury & Comfort All Around the Globe Private jet charter takes away the usual stress of travelling, making your leisure or business flight a truly enjoyable experience. Charter a jet with complete discretion, privacy, and luxury for you, your family, friends, pets or for business. Access more locations around the world with faster check-ins and private terminals, enjoy minimal time-wastage and avoid all the usual airport queues. Giving you more time to enjoy your visit. Chartering a private jet puts the pleasure back into air travel. We offer luxury private aircraft charter and can arrange VIP facilities through our Fixed Base Operator (FBO) network. The network of FBO’s provide VIP facilities with luxury lounges that boast the latest in technology for entertainment and communications. As you arrive you will be met by a member of the concierge team who will ensure your arrival into the FBO is a memorable one with a smooth transition from car to lounge to aircraft. With a private state-of-the art executive lounge, you will be able to relax or have a last-minute meeting. They Fly You To Over 20,000 Destinations World Wide.

For More Information Please Contact:

UK Office +44 333 050 4009

US Office +1 737 212 9398




AVIV : Our Health Recovery Partner

We no longer must accept that our mental and physical ability will decline as we mature. The latest research shows that some of the biological effects of aging can be reversed and that we can regain the peak performance and quality of life we crave. Why accept feeling “well for your age”, when you can feel healthier than you have felt in years? Why cruise through life at an average speed when you can regain the energy and productivity you once had? The Aviv Medical Program, helping you stay at your best for longer. Sharp. Active. Fulfilling your potential. How? The power of oxygen.