Vitamin Drips

We offer a comprehensive menu of Vitamin Drips formulations personally selected by our CEO, Deborah Alessi. The formulas are customized to help support optimal health and wellness. For this purpose, we were created to provide clients with the highest quality of vitamin therapies in our luxurious spa locations, in your hotel room, home, or private villa.

Whether you’re looking to have a celebrity body, glow your skin, or simply want to cleanse your body, Vitamin Drips can help. As a safe, immediate, and effective solution for a wide range of concerns, drip has become the go-to rejuvenation treatment for celebrities, models, busy professionals, athletes, and travellers. In a world where most people push themselves to their limits and don’t always meet their bodies’ basic nutritional needs,

Vitamin therapy is revolutionary. Utilizing formulations designed to address specific deficiencies at the cellular level, Vitamin Drips is an energizing and clarifying treatment that provides instant results. Vitamin Therapy for women works! There is a growing body of scientific evidence documenting that you will be in the best shape of your life, you will feel rejuvenated, and refreshed and you will see results of anti-aging. The infusion itself takes approximately 40 minutes, after which you can expect to leave the clinic feeling balanced and revived. Please go through our comprehensive Vitamin Drips Menu and discuss with our Team what infusion suits you best.

Booster Shots

Try our Beverly Hills Booster shots – This will be your energy which makes you relaxed, healthy and glowing with the essential nutrients your body craves.

*All Booster shots require an approval from the physician


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